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Keuka College

Welcome to the New

Need a few quick tips to help get you started? Here’s a quick video tutorial.

World, meet the new, meet the world.

Nearly five years have gone by since our last facelift, and in those few short years—which can seem like eons when it comes to the Web—Keuka’s changed a bit.

So after months of planning, research, and design, we’re happy to introduce you to our new look. We hope you’ll agree that it does a much better job of showcasing all of who we are and what we’re about.

Here’s an in-depth list of some of the key features you’ll find , and some pointers to help you make it through the transition. If you’d like the abridged version, be sure to check out the video.

Text Treatment

No—we haven’t gotten rid of the Keuka logo. But on the Web, we’ve moved it to the bottom of each page to make room for a specialized text treatment in the top left. Unlike our logo, the text treatment is much easier to read on-screen and helps readers quickly realize whose Web site they’re looking at.

Smarter Layouts

Sure, we think looks and sounds a lot nicer with bold colors, freshened-up words, and brilliant photography. But the layout is smarter and more useful, too. We’ve made the typography easier to read, the links easier to identify, and the whole thing look a lot cleaner.

And that’s not the best part—our navigation structure has been completely changed, and since it’s based on statistically-valid research, it should be a breeze for you to find what you’re looking for. Part of that new structure includes an enhanced site-wide search (powered by Google) and a convenient A to Z index of all we have to offer.

On our inside pages, we’ve moved the menus from the top to the left side of the page. We hope you’ll find the change to be more intuitive and similar to what you find elsewhere on the Web.

We’re Not Done Yet

Change takes some time, so please be patient with us for the next few weeks as we transition some older pages to the newer format. Don’t sweat it though—everything will be in place by November 1.

Tell Us What You Think

We’d love to know what you think about the new So please, drop a line to [email protected], or leave a comment below.

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