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Using the MyKeuka Portal

Login to MyKeuka

If prompted for your login information when accessing MyKeuka, please use keuka\username.

Please note the direction of the slash: It’s a different character than the one you typically use, and it’s usually found above the “enter” key.

Login to MyKeuka

Trouble Logging In?

What’s Inside MyKeuka?

MyKeuka is your one-stop shop for everything Keuka College. It’s an internal website (usually called a “portal” or “intranet”) for students, faculty, and staff. MyKeuka features a single point of access for Keuka news and events, e-mail, shared drives, and more.

Additionally, MyKeuka allows you to check your grades, register for classes, review account information, view your transcript, see financial aid awards, and do many other things from the convenience of your home, office, class, or residence room.

And MyKeuka isn’t finished yet. In the future, you’ll be able to access insider information about campus initiatives and easily—and virtually—collaborate with colleagues on projects and tasks for clubs, committees, classes, and more.

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