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Keuka College

Dr. Yang Zhao

Dr. Yang Zhao

  • Assistant Professor of International Management, Division of Business and Management
Phone: (315) 279-5420
Office: Hegeman Hall

Academic Credentials

St John Fisher College
Ed.D. in Education (2012)
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
M.A. in Economics
Keuka College
M.S. in Management (2007)
Shandong University of Finance
B.A. in Economics

Professional Interests

International Business and Education, Economics, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Business Development and Research, etc.


Dr. Zhao serves as Keuka College’s International Student Academic Advisor, Assistant Professor for Keuka’s degree completion program in the Bachelors and the Masters in Management Programs. Since 2006, her contributions include teaching in Business and Management Division, Basic and Applied Social Sciences Division, Center for Professional Studies and Division of Humanities and Fine Arts.

As an international educator, Dr. Zhao has taught in China and the U.S. for over ten years and was awarded as an "Outstanding Young Professor" and "Excellent Teaching Researcher in China." Dr. Zhao has completed seven publications in China. Dr. Zhao’s completed research survey from her master’s degree in management has been used as an outcome assessment instrument at Keuka College. Dr. Zhao gained her Education doctoral degree in Executive Leadership.

As a local co-owner of property management company for many years, Dr. Zhao has worked in business and leadership with local entrepreneurs, chamber of commerce and community services, etc.

Dr. Zhao takes particular pride in teaching and advising students with her business and education experience. Dr. Zhao looks forward to assisting students and international learners to achieve their education and career goals.

Publications & Presentations

Peer Review Articles (Publications in China):

Zhao, Y. (2005, No.4). 關于中美經貿摩擦兩個問題的探討, 齊齊哈爾大學學報(哲學社會科學版) (Title Translation: Discussion on the International Economic Conflicts between the U.S. and China)

Liu, H. & Zhao, Y. (2005, No.1). 自助式整体薪酬方案的构成及实施,齊齊哈爾大學學報(哲學社會科學版) (Title Translation: Exploring Contents and Implementation of Self-Assisted Compensation System)

Wang, W., Zhao, Y., Qi, X. H. & Zheng, J. X. (2004, No. 5). 联营联销方式下商场营销工作研究,齊齊哈爾大學學報(哲學社會科學版) (Title Translation: A Marketing Strategy Research on Chain-Store Sales in Big Shopping Malls)

Sheng, Q. Sh., Xue, R. W., Zhao, Y. & Zhang, G. Y. (2003, No.5). 论高等学校财务管理的几个问题,齊齊哈爾大學學報(哲學社會科學版) (Title Translation: An Analysis of Financial Management in Higher Education Institutions)

Zhao, Y. & Sun, G. L. (2002, No. 5). 关于建立客户经理制若干问题的思考,北方经贸 (Title Translation: Exploring Implementation of Customer-Management System in the Banking/Finance Industry)

Wang, W., Zheng, J. X., Zhao, Y. & Miao, Y. J. (2001, No. 3). 市场营销CAI多媒体软件系统的设计与实现, 齐齐哈尔大学学报 (Title Translation: Exploration of Design and Teaching Marketing Class with CAI Multi-Media Software System)

Wang, W. & Zhao, Y. (2000, No. 3). 论面向新世纪的中国农业发展策略, 理论观察 (Title Translation: An Analysis of Chinese Agricultural Development Strategy in the New Century)