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Keuka College

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Professional Interests

Sociology of families, inequalities, social movements, health and society. Prisons/corrections, corporate crime, environmental crime. Environmental sociology, sustainable and resilient communities, new local economies.


Dr. Teasley has taught full time for nearly 30 years in Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice. For four of those years, she taught college courses and advised students on-site in a maximum security prison for men.

Dr. Teasley is committed to developing her students' curiosity and critical thinking. She encourages students to recognize the importance of their own contributions to society through service, professional practice, civic participation and social and political activism. She remains current in national and international news and uses examples of current events in her courses. All her degrees are in Sociology and she is deeply committed to the discipline. Her abiding interest in criminology and prisons/corrections derives from her commitment to social justice.

She volunteers with environmental organizations in her city (Ithaca) and neighborhood. She is a birdwatcher and gardener (creating a wildlife friendly habitat using native plants). She has long been active in social movements including the women's movement, the environmental movement, anti-racist work and LGBT activism. She is a life-long jazz fan, reads widely in her disciplines and enjoys natural history, ancient history and anthropology.

Publications & Presentations

Dr. Teasley has presented professional papers on the following topics: Lay and nurse-midwifery, the home birth movement and the birth reform movement. Teaching about diversity in a non-diverse environment, College programs in prisons as "nested" organizational forms.

Currently, she is at work on a novel about dysfunctional organizations.