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Acceptable Use Policy

Keuka College Acceptable Use Policy Review

The Information Technology Advisory Committee has been charged with developing an acceptable use policy (AUP) and is soliciting your input to ensure that any issues or concerns are considered prior to endorsement and presentation to the appropriate governance organization. Our AUP will define the rules of how technology is used, as well as the expected behaviors of those using technology at Keuka College.

You are invited to read this important document and provide the committee with any suggestions or concerns you might have regarding its content. We are asking that you provide the committee with your input by Dec. 1, 2010.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Information Technology Advisory Committee at [email protected].

Keuka College Acceptable Use Policy

Dec. 8 update: Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Oct. 26 initial draft: Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy FAQs

What is an Acceptable Use Policy? (AUP)

What is the purpose of an Acceptable Use Policy?

How should an Acceptable Use Policy be written?

Why should Keuka College have an Acceptable Use Policy?