NUR 560: Advanced Pathophysiology

Discipline: Nursing

Credit Hours: 4

Using a systems approach, this course provides the adult learner with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and share knowledge related to the management of common pathophysiologic processes occurring within diverse populations across the lifespan. Systems to be explored include: cardiac, vascular, respiratory, and immune. Concepts of pharmacotherapy are presented including pharmaco-dynamics, pharmaco-kinetics, and pharmaco-genomics. In addition, non-pharmacologic, complementary, and / or alternative therapies are explored. Economic implications and their effects on the ethics of healthcare decision making are discussed and explored. Identification and management of co-morbidities will be addressed, with a strong emphasis on the importance of support from caregivers and / or family. Availability of community resources is explored. The adult learner is expected to engage in experiential hands-on learning. The adult learners have an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and evidence based knowledge while practicing health promotion strategies in selected community settings.

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