EDU 540: Best Practices in Teaching Writing

Discipline: Education

Credit Hours: 3

In this course students learn about the development of writing, theories about writing, and effective instructional practices to use with children, birth through grade six. Throughout the course, the focus in on communicative intent, with an awareness of the conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation, handwriting, etc.) that children must learn and use in order to carry out that intent. Emergent writing skills and the spring ties of writing to oral language development are examined. Participants learn how to implement a process approach to writing, scaffolding the process and expectations of the learner to changing developmental levels of students as they mature. Participants also learn to construct learning environments that support and facilitate the development of writing strategies and skills, using peer as well as teacher assistance. Process in this course is approaches as a recursive, individual approach to writing, rather than a linear, formulaic sequence of activities. Varied purposes for writing are explored along with the craft skills that writers use to enhance their writing. Application of writing across the subject areas is also stressed.

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