EDU 264: Infants and Toddlers

Discipline: Education

Credit Hours: 2

This course is an orientation to the issues, challenges, opportunities and curriculum of early childhood education from birth to 36 months. Before delving into the specific age designation of birth-36 months, the foundations of early childhood education - developmentally appropriate practice (DAP), New York State Early Learning Guidelines, theories of early childhood learning and development, the history of early childhood education, and ethical conduct in early childhood education - are established. This course examines the principles and theory behind the planning of developmentally appropriate and effective, safe, and healthy environments for infants and toddlers, with an emphasis on play-based curriculum. The impact of culture, family, language, abilities, and early intervention will be addressed. The roles of the early childhood educator will be analyzed. A 5-hour field experience is included in this course.

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