CHM 315: Analytical Chemistry

Discipline: Chemistry

Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: Grade of B or higher in MAT 102 or math placement score of 3; grade of C or higher in CHM 112. Fundamentals of quantitative chemical analysis. Gravimetric, volumetric, and spectroscopic determinations relevant to acid-base, complexometric, potentiometric equilibria. Lecture stresses the theory of multiple equilibria. Laboratory stresses hands-on, multiple determinations. The analytical chemistry of environmentally-and forensically-significant problems forms a major part of the course. The understanding and proper use of descriptive statistics is stressed throughout the course. (Offered every even spring semester). (LA)(4)

Upcoming Offerings

Term Section - Professor Day(s) Times
Spring 2014 01 - Thomas Carroll MWF 10:10 AM - 11:05 AM Books

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