ASL 325: Discourse Analysis

Discipline: American Sign Language

Credit Hours: 3

Pre- or co-requisite: ASL 320 or consent of the instructor. In the interpreting profession it is the job of interpreters to determine the meaning of the source language message so they can interpret into the target language. This requires understanding how communication is structured within different social situations. This cousre provides an introduction to discourse analysis of both ASL and English texts. Students will study general discourse issues, such as the structures of conversations, as well as topics specific to the use of ASL and spoken English. Students will view video samples of texts that share the same topic but are presented in both English and ASL so they can differentiate how these two languages present ideas differently. Through the process of analysis the students will further deepen their awareness and appreciation for various strategies used by Deaf and hearing presenters (discourse strategies). Discourse Analysis is used to isolate and reinforce foundation skills in the interpreting process.

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