ASL 275: Interpreting I

Discipline: American Sign Language

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in ASL 265 and ASL 211 (or by placement). Introduction to the analysis and production aspects of ASL-to-English interpretation. Designed as a lecture/lab course, students develop the composition aspect of the consecutive interpreting process and begin to analyze the differing linguistic techniques for achieving the same communication function in ASL and English. Students analyze texts using a Goal-to-Detail information management system and practice a variety of visualization techniques.This course builds a foundation based on the interpreting tasks identified by the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) including text analysis, decision-making, image search, vocabulary/phrase search, nonverbal behavior search, role shifting, addition, subtraction, deletion and omission with emphasis on register, topic shift, pronominalization, and affect. Students are introduced to peer feedback and self-analysis. (Offered every spring.)

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